Rochester Invite Info

Thursday, April 24 2014 - Pana Open

Here's the Rochester Invite information:

Bus time: 7:00 HS, 7:15 township

Schedule: (very, very tentative)
Field Events

9:00 am Discus (Girls first, boys to follow)

Shot put (Boys first, girls to follow)

High jump (Girls first, boys to follow)

Long jump (Girls first, boys to follow)

Triple jump (Boys first, girls to follow)

Pole vault (Girls first, boys to follow)

We will use a rolling schedule for the track events. ALL times are approximate

Track prelims

9:30 am Boys 100m prelims

9:45 am Boys 110m high hurdle prelims

10:00 am Girls 100m high hurdles prelims

10:15 am Girls 100m prelims

10:30 am Boys 3200m run (slow section)

10:45 am Girls 3200m run (slow section OR finals if only one heat)

? There will be a 15 minute break between the prelims and the finals.

Track finals

1) Girls 3200m relay 13) Girls 800m relay

2) Boys 3200m relay 14) Boys 800m relay

3) Girls 400m relay 15) Girls 400m dash

4) Boys 400m relay 16) Boys 400m dash

5) Girls 3200m (fast – if nec) 17) Girls 300m low hurdles

6) Boys 3200m (fast section) 18) Boys 300m int. hurdles

7) Girls 100m high hurdles 19) Girls 1600m run

8) Boys 110m high hurdles 20) Boys 1600m run

9) Girls 100m dash 21) Girls 200m dash

10)Boys 100m dash 22) Boys 200m dash

11)Girls 800m run 23) Girls 1600m relay

12)Boys 800m run 24) Boys 1600m relay