Ryan Driskill

Sophomore - Pleasant Plains, IL - US - Pleasant Plains

Cross Country

Meet Race Time/Split/Mark Place Media
Opening Time Trial (08/07/2023)3 Mile15:58.5663
Opening Time Trial (08/07/2023)1600 Meter Run5:12.00
Rochester Invitational (09/02/2023)3 Mile17:12.520
First to the Finish Invitational (09/09/2023)3 Mile17:03.381
Richard Spring Invitational (09/16/2023)3 Mile16:41.458
Spartan Classic (09/23/2023)3 Mile16:40.1236
Elmwood Invitational (09/30/2023)3 Mile16:32.1021
Sangamo Conference Meet (10/07/2023)3 Mile16:25.6610
Peoria Heights Invitational (10/14/2023)3 Mile16:23.424
IHSA Class A Regional (10/21/2023)3 Mile16:23.18
IHSA Class A Sectional (10/28/2023)3 Mile16:03.5726
IHSA State Meet (11/04/2023)3 Mile15:58.5663

Indoor Track & Field

Meet Race Time/Split/Mark Place Media
Indoor Knights Invitational (02/23/2024)4X400 Relay4:01.378
Indoor Knights Invitational (02/23/2024)3200 Meter Run10:25.594
Rushville Invitational (03/02/2024)1600 Meter Run4:48.283
Rushville Invitational (03/02/2024)4X800 Relay9:25.83 - 2:151
Central Illinois High Performance Classic (03/09/2024)1600 Meter Run4:44.237
Central Illinois High Performance Classic (03/09/2024)3200 Meter Run10:19.108
Streaks Invitational (03/16/2024)3200 Meter Run10:04.682
Illinois Top Times (03/22/2024)3200 Meter Run10:01.839

Outdoor Track & Field

Meet Race Time/Split/Mark Place Media
SHS Open (03/30/2024)1600 Meter Run4:48.620
SHS Open (03/30/2024)800 Meter Run2:13.180
Plains Invitational (04/06/2024)4X400 Relay3:55.389
Plains Invitational (04/06/2024)1600 Meter Run4:50.170
Plains Invitational (04/06/2024)3200 Meter Run10:18.646
Capitol City Classic (04/13/2024)4X400 Relay3:54.634
Capitol City Classic (04/13/2024)3200 Meter Run10:15.133
Rochester Invitational (04/19/2024)1600 Meter Run4:42.517
Rochester Invitational (04/19/2024)4X800 Relay8:59.06 - 2:135
Litchfield/Taylorville (04/23/2024)1600 Meter Run4:39.643
Litchfield/Taylorville (04/23/2024)4X400 Relay4:23.547
Sangamo Conference Meet (04/30/2024)3200 Meter Run10:17.583
Sangamon County Meet (05/03/2024)3200 Meter Run10:03.873
IHSA Class A Sectional (05/15/2024)3200 Meter Run10:07.001
IHSA Class A State Meet (05/23/2024)3200 Meter Run10:13.7220

** = unattached | D = Decathlon